Hi! I am a sound alchemist.

As a sound alchemist I shuffle between various sound tasks. My background as a musician, with trumpet as my main instrument & piano & drums as secondary instruments has giving me a great set of tools when it comes to sound design & making musical scores.

I have primarily worked with post production as a sound designer & composer. I always strive to build my sound design & music so it corresponds to the atmosphere & look of the video content. I can achieve that by having a systematically and thorough process with the client and co-workers. Through my education I have worked with 3D sound design & game audio where I have learned to use Fmod, Unity & spatialization tool in Pro Tools.

“In a time where everything is digital & tries to appear perfect, i try to be sincere”

When my ears are asking for a break i am typically on smaller outdoor adventures such as:
Croos country skiing, hiking, biking & kayaking. 

Currently i am working on a release with my own music which is based on a cross genre of ambient and noise. All  the music is produced solely on cassette & reel to reel tape machines. The main instruments on my forthcoming album is based on Trumpet, Yamaha CS & field recordings.



I am half Italian & half Finnish wich makes me a trans-European cyborg.

For my resumé: